I am a creator by nature. I love to build things. Early on, drawing was an easy outlet for me... just a pencil and piece paper. A blank white page while (still) intimidating  is (still) exciting. You can make anything you want. You can tell any story you want. Just think of something fun and start.

There's a lot of hard work in doing fun things. There's a lot of learning and failing... a lot of crumpled up pieces of paper, a lot of wanting to give up. I've drawn a lot of bad pictures, stupid cartoons, and have created some terrible graphics. I'll spare you the details of my early video projects. The point is, had I quit early I wouldn't be doing the fun stuff I get to do today. And I love what I do. "Fun" looks like it should be easy, but it often isn't.

While my tools have got a lot more elaborate the concept is the same. Just think of something fun. Work hard. And finish strong. It's worth it.

Why design matters:

People are smart.

People know quality.

People know when you care.

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